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We are Proud to introduce to you the PODIUM model, Now equipped with polarized lenses! 


PODIUM is a unisex model that are meant to be adjustable for all type of faces. Combine that with an high-impact and scratch resistant, polarized polycarbonate lens and superior vision technology. If you are looking for a pair of premium, sport and active-lifestyle eyewear with great performance, but don´t want to compensate on the looks, PODIUM is the sunglasses for you! Designed and tested in Sweden, to be ready for all types of tough conditions that our climate has to offer.

Key Features

Lens and vision

Our lenses are manufactured from high-impact resistant and lightweight polycarbonate. It also have hydrofobic properties to repeal water and dirt, which really make the quality stand out on the market. Weatherchanges, changing light, or just enhance the colours? We got it all! With our hassle-free replaceable lens system and flexible plastic frame you can switch lenses in no time, to always be ready to take it to the next level, and never miss out due to vision problems. We have a lot of lens-colours and combinations to offer, that you can easy add with your order, Ofcourse all of our lenses have 100% UV protection to protect you from UVB and UVA-rays.

Glare-Free Excellence: Reach the next level with our polarized lenses. Designed for activities near water, high-glare environments, quick weather changes and situations where glare poses a challenge. They significantly reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow and roads, while also improving contrast and color perception.


  • Filter category 3
  • Adapts to weather conditions.
  • Polycarbonate
  • 100% UV protection
  • Hydrofobic Coating
  • Scratc resistant
  • Shatter proof
  • Polarized

Ideal Usage:

Perfect for fishing, boating, skiing, cycling or when you're driving.


The Podium frame is made with TR-90 plastic. A very strong yet, flexible material. This plastic is also a lot more lighter than regular plastic, which makes the Podium model weigh in on only 33grams!

Rubber Grip technology

With our special wirecore templetips and our adjustable rubber nosepad you now have the comfort to adjust the templetips exactly at your liking and type of activity, and limit unnececessery wear on your head. 

More information

  • Includes hard case and a microfiber cleaning bag.
  • CE approved and marked
  • Anti-fog performance
  • Designed to fit most helmets and hats without any wear on the head
  • Cat 1-4 lens